bikeTen years ago, at 5’2 and weighing 300-pounds, Caroline Jhingory made the decision that she was simply tired of being overweight. Today, Caroline is over 150-pounds lighter and has maintained her weight loss without the help of fad diets or gastric bypass surgery. She attributes her success to her faith, determination, patience…and a treadmill.

My weight loss is the result of eating right and exercising…nothing more nothing less.”

Exercise has been the central tool in Caroline’s transformation, but it’s still only one part of the puzzle toward health. Caroline significantly changed how she eats, altering her relationship to food and eating. She adheres to no specific diet, instead practicing mindful eating, remaining disciplined and limiting her intake of carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products and caffeine.

Caroline made the decision to lose weight because she believed that being obese had caused her to miss out on enjoying simple things in life: she had not worn a bathing suit since she was 9 years old, was never able to ride a roller coaster because the safety bar did not fit over her stomach, and did not have her first boyfriend until graduate school.

Caroline believes the key to her success was learning to replace an unhealthy addiction: mindless eating while sitting in front of the television, with a healthy addiction: hitting the gym everyday. “I eat everyday, so I workout everyday,” is Caroline’s number one fitness tip when giving advice to others.

As a means to pay forward the blessing of mindful eating and healthy life style choices, Caroline has created this site to provide comprehensive support, unique fitness tips and motivation to others who want to conquer the battle of obesity.

She resides in her hometown of Washington, DC in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.